Mike Harry

Clickyfish Photography

Why Clickyfish?
I used to go on a lot of fishing competition road trips and there was some basic photography involved for my fishing books and digital magazines. I bought a decent camera to try to improve my photography, and next thing I know I’m spending the whole trip doing photography, and no longer fishing. So I kept the Clickyfish name, re-purposed the website…. and here we are.


I am Mike Harry, amateur photographer and road trip enthusiast I am based in Toronto, Canada.

Most of my images are taken during my frequent photo-expeditions across North America. To be clear, there's no jet-setting to exotic locales with flight cases full of gear. It's just old-school road trips in a small car with a full tank of gas, a couple of cameras, a list of GPS locations and my R&B playlist. My preferred photography genres are road trip fine art, road trip landscape and road trip urban/industrial night shots.

I enjoy trying to think outside the frame. There are obvious elements that make an image stand out. Great composition, unusual lighting and contrasting content are a good start. When I can form a scene that has those elements, I get a shot that I can really work on processing a bit further. I try to develop the less obvious elements that can impact the shot, such as the overall mood and the tone.

Thanks for taking the time to check out Clickyfish. For more details on the road trips, check out the Bog posts. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact me. This simplest way to make initial contact is to message me on the Clickyfish Facebook page.