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Hudson Heights

I had a two day stop over in New York, in the Hudson Heights area at the northern end of Mahattan. Perched on top of the ridge overlooking the Hudson river, is Fort Tryon Park and the Met Museum Cloisters. It's a fairly large park set on a hillside comprised of beautiful gardens, stone pathways, bridges and tunnels. This is an easy location to shoot, with great features and lots of angled rock outcrops to catch the rising or setting sun. I got to the park for dawn and walked around for a few hours, stopping to set up a shot whenever something caught my eye. The park runs north to south, so I would recommend scouting it out the day before you plan to take pictures, as it's useful to know if your intended shot is a sunrise or sunset oriented image.

The Cloisters museum is worth the visit, as you could easily spend most of the day just shooting there. My focus was on the park as I was short on time and I had to make the best of it. I intend to return for a second photo shoot centered on the museum as soon as the opportunity arises.

Fort Tryon Park is easy to find, it's just north of the George Washington Bridge, and can be accessed by car directly from the Henry Hudson parkway. There's plenty of parking if you come by car. The 190th street subway station is located just outside the park entrance if you are able to take public transit.

If you head north from Fort Tryon Park, you are about 15 minutes walk from the northern tip of Mahattan Island and Inwood Hill Park, where the Hudson and Harlem Rivers split.

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