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Nova Scotia Bound

I Headed out to see family in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia for Christmas, and I thought I might also get the opportunity to shoot a few winter scenes, and maybe a couple of images with those long blue winter shadows. I arrived to find clear blue skies and unusually high temperatures, so no snow. Fortunately, the village of Marble Mountain is on the shoreline of the BraD'or lake, so there's no shortage of the most amazing shoreline scenery to walk through.

I got up before dawn to shoot the sunrise, which during December in Canada, is nowhere near as early as it sounds. I headed down to the wharf, walked the shore clicking away like crazy for hours, and I didn't see or hear another person until I got back to the house. If you are into landscape photography, I would highly recommend paying  a visit to the Island of Cape Breton, on Canada's Atlantic Coast.

It did of course start to snow on the day that I was leaving to travel south to Boston, but I was able to drive around the island and onto mainland Nova Scotia quite easily to get a few more pictures. The town of Tatamagouche has a great town market area worth a photo shoot, and a crazy looking taco truck that was once a school bus, but is defintiely not moving again anytime soon.

I'm planning on returning to Nova Scotia in the summer and photographing a lot more of the province, which is a scenic gem of a location.

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