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Hi, I am Mike Harry, amateur photographer and road trip enthusiast. Thanks for checking out my online portfolio. My preferred photography genres are fine art, landscape and urban/industrial night shots. My image galleries are listed below, please  also check out the blog posts. Contact me if you have any questions or comments.

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Gallery: Monochrome

A series of images from all galleries, reworked into monochrome.

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Gallery: American Classics

A series of classic car design elements

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Gallery: Detroit Urbex

A weekend in Detroit. An Urban Exploration tour and a list of GPS addresses to check out. A real eye opener!

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Gallery: Autumn in the Heights

This is a series of images shot in and around Fort Tryon Park, Hudson Heights, upper Manhattan.

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Gallery: Manhattan Nights

A mid-week road trip to NYC for a couple of days urban and night shoot photography.

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Gallery: Quebec City

A Day in Quebec City. Old school Europe in North America.

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Gallery: Nova Scotia Bound

Road trip to the East Coast of Canada. The island of Cape Breton and mainland Nova Scotia.

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Gallery: Nova Scotia Return

A Return trip to Novas Scotia, including Halifax.

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Gallery: Hometown Toronto

A short series of local shots, in my hometown: Toronto

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Gallery: Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary series

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Gallery: Magic Gardens

Magic Gardens, Philadelphia.

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Gallery: Coming Soon

Another Gallery Coming Soon

coming soon

Clickyfish Road Trips

I get quite a few questions about where I got a particular shot, or exactly where I went for a road trip photo-shoot. I have put together a blog detailing the road trips, and where I stopped to take pictures on the road.

So, if you want more info on where and when, check out the blog posts.


The Clickyfish Road Trip Blog