Shore Fishing Niagara


Shore Fishing Niagara

The mighty Niagara river is one of North America’s top fishing destinations for Steelhead and Salmon. The river is comprised of two sections, Upper Niagara and Lower Niagara separated by Niagara Falls.  The Lower Niagara river can be shore fished from the Whirlpool corner down to Fort Niagara. The Upper Niagara river has a string of waterfront parks stretching from the bird Pier underneath the Peace Bridge at Lake Erie, all the way to just above the Falls. Use this Clickyfish Destination Fishing Guide to take the guess work out of where to fish on the shoreline of the mighty Niagara River. This practical, detailed guide has all the inside information on the parks and fishing docks. Seasons, Hours of operation, facilities etc.

This App covers both lower and upper Niagara on both the USA and Canadian sides.

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The Guide

Each location has its own detail page. The guide has a Google pin map with text descriptions, the text descriptions link directly to the corresponding page. The location detail pages are stored on the phone, and can be accessed through the menu system should you be in a location without internet, to access the Google map. This guides also ahs an internal notepad for your own fishing notes.


Target Species:

Resident: Catfish, Carp, Largemouth Bass, Muskellunge, Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Various pan fish, Yellow Perch, Walleye

Migratory: Brown Trout, Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout,


Niagara Fishing Seasons:

Spring and Autumn: Salmon and Trout will be moving in to spawn during the spring and fall seasons. This is a busy time on the river with many people trying their luck to land a trophy Salmon or Trout.

Summer: Bass fishing and steelhead fishing, peaking through July to September.

Winter: Rainbow and brown trout are the key species to target from January through to March, ice and weather permitting.


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