North Carolina Piers

Pier Fishing North Carolina

North Carolina, and in particular the Outer Banks, is a world renowned fishing hot spot for pier fishing. Use this Clickyfish Destination Fishing Guide to take the guess work out of where to fish on the piers of North Carolina’s Outer Banks and Crystal Coast. This practical, detailed info-guide has all the inside information on the piers. Seasons, Hours of operation, Pier house facilities, Pass fees etc.

BONUS: Virginia’s Hampton Roads and South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach piers are also included.

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Licenses and permits

Individual fishing permits are not required for fishing while on pier property. The piers hold commercial licenses, but you are still subject to the rules and regulations.




The Guide

Each location has its own detail page. The guide has a Google pin map with text descriptions, the text descriptions link directly to the corresponding page. The location detail pages are stored on the phone, and can be accessed through the menu system should you be in a location without internet, to access the Google map. The guide has an internal notepad for your own fishing notes.

Target Species

Bluefish or Blues are a smaller silver fish that are common catches from the piers pretty much year round in all kinds of weather. Cobia are around during the summer months, and their size, ranging from 20 to 60lbs can present a true challenge for reeling in, as they have both the power and fight to match their size. Drum run along the coast in April or early May, and again usually in September.
Croaker and Flounder can be fished off the sea bed during the spring, summer, and fall. Sea or King Mullet, is another species that is common around the piers in summer, the smaller ones make great bait! Spanish mackerels make a seasonal run from late May to early September depending on temperatures. Striped bass can be targeted in November and December. These are usually large fish, so make sure you are equipped to properly lift them onto the pier.

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